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Vintage sterling silver flower spoon ring 1900's Size 5


I totally understand, its hard not to stop and admire the beauty of this magnificent ring. See, I have been making and selling sterling silver spoon rings in Charleston, SC at the historic Charleston City Market for over 2 years and I can tell you that just about everyone that walks by has to stop for a moment and admire the gleam and glamour of my beautiful spoon rings.

About the ring:

Vintage Sterling silver flower spoon ring made from a SOLID Sterling silver spoon from the early 1900's. The ring measures 5/16" at the widest point. This ring is simply beautiful and sure to bring numerous complements for years to come.

This ring is a size 5

The video of me making this ring is on my tik tok channel (Edithrubyjewelry).

Each ring is handmade in Charleston, SC. It is sure to make a statement and receive numerous complements.

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For the history of spoon rings please see the images in the listing.

Thanks for looking and I hope you have a good day!